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Want a guest that will lead to clicks and viewers? As an entertaining expert, award-winning author and international speaker on cyber security, data breach, identity theft, online privacy and fraud prevention, John Sileo is an in-demand media guest worldwide. John has been featured on 60 Minutes, Rachael Ray, Anderson Cooper, NBC, ABC, FOX Business, Fox & Friends, and in The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and USA Today—just to name a few.

John Sileo in the News

John in the news

Story Angles and Topics

Risk exposure expert John Sileo is available to contribute unique insights, soundbites and featured content to media professionals working on various online privacy, social media privacy, digital reputation, identity theft detection and prevention, and business fraud detection and prevention topics, articles and interviews.

All content provided is customized for your specific needs and target outcomes. Possible story angles include:

  • Online Privacy Protection and Social Media Exposure
  • How to Bulletproof Your Data Privacy and Profits
  • Aggressive Identity Theft and Fraud Countermeasures
  • Using Corporate Espionage to Your Competitive Advantage
  • Building, Defending and Extending Your Online Reputation
  • Extinguishing Unprofitable Data Breach and Security Hotspots
  • The Seven Security Secrets of Social Networking
  • Harnessing Social Media without Sacrificing Security
  • Leveraging Privacy and Security to Increase Your Profits
  • Anti-Manipulation, Fraud Defense and Influence Training

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Media Archive

John Sileo featured in BizNikAchilles’ 3 Fatal Business Mistakes
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John Sileo featured in AllBusinessPreventing Identity Theft During and After Your Trip 113 kb, PDF



John Sileo featured on CSO OnlineSocial Engineering Stories: The Sequel 274 kb, PDF

CSO Online


John Sileo featured in the Costo ConnectionProtecting Your Business from Identity Theft 248 kb, PDF

The Costco Connection


John Sileo featured in Corporate Incentive TravelProtect Your Organization from Identity Thieves 323 kb, PDF

Corporate Incentive Travel


John Sileo featured in Woman's DayHow to Prevent Identity Theft

Woman’s Day

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