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To make sure that you successfully protect yourself and your organization against data exposure, John Sileo constantly reviews helpful products on the market. Browse all John’s latest reviews of products he loves (and those he doesn’t!) and commercially endorsed products to make sure you’re best armed to win the battle

Identity Theft Services:  Is ID  Theft Monitoring Worth the $$$?Identity Theft Services: Is ID Theft Monitoring Worth the $$$?

Have you ever wondered if identity theft services are worth the money? They are if they meet this criteria...


Internet Privacy Expert Reviews DuckDuckGo Private Search EngineInternet Privacy Expert Reviews DuckDuckGo Private Search Engine

How an Internet privacy expert uses to foil Google's ability to track, aggregate and sell every term searched online.


Stop Check Fraud with Security ChecksStop Check Fraud with Security Checks

Security checks safeguard you not only against check washing, but other high tech forms of check fraud as well. Find out which high security checks are best


Paper Document Shredders: Fellowes Tears it Up!Paper Document Shredders: Fellowes Tears it Up!

Workplace identity theft is often due to unshredded or improperly shredded documents. Watch this video for tips on shredding best practices.


A Smarter Solution for Thief-Proof PasswordsA Smarter Solution for Thief-Proof Passwords

One of the first recommendations I make to my corporate and individual clients alike is to utilize a password manager to eliminate poor password habits that lead to data theft.


Secure Document StorageSecure Document Storage

If you aren't securely storing your sensitive documents, you are asking for identity theft and data breach trouble. Identity theft expert John Sileo takes you through exactly what you need.


Employee Background ChecksEmployee Background Checks

At an identity theft training for human resource managers, identity theft expert John Sileo explained that employee background checks are an easy way to lower the risk of insider theft and the resulting data breach. Here's what you need to know about background screening...


Vehicle Document StorageVehicle Document Storage

SentrySafe AutoSafe The Privacy Problem: Thanks to laptops, smart phones, DVDs and a deluge of other data-holding mobile devices, we carry as much sensitive data with us as we keep in our homes and offices. These devices are at a much higher risk of theft when they are in transit. The Privacy Project: To help […]


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