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Deepen your relationship as your client's trusted advisor with the Sileo On Security video series.

When you subscribe to S.O.S., you gain immediate access to a comprehensive library of short, actionable tips that guide your customers to protect their identities and wealth, making your services indispensable and your brand distinguishable.

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Don't Get Hooked With Phishing Scams
Freeze Cyber Thieves Out Of Your Net Worth
Stop Credit Card Thieves in the Act

Hot Topics Covered in S.O.S.

How to easily stop the most costly type of ID theft

5 ways to defend your social media profiles

How the wealthy protect their investment assets

Smartphone, iPad and laptop protection tips

How NOT to get hacked, scammed or extorted

Eliminating phone call, IRS and phishing fraud

Locking down valuable online accounts and privacy

Avoiding Wi-Fi hotspot eavesdroppers

Protecting your kids, elderly parents and personal wealth from financial scams

Sileo On Security Subscribers Rave!

"We've enjoyed a jump in client engagement. We are thus far averaging a 47% open rate since initiating SOS!"

J. Harold Williams, CPA/PFS, President & CEO of Linscomb & Williams, a Forbes Top 100 Wealth Manager

"SOS is one of the simplest, most effective tools we've found to pro-actively engage our clients and increase loyalty."

Small Financial Services Company

"It's not only the importance of the security content; SOS demonstrates that we care about our clients and they are voicing that it sets us apart."

Your Sileo On Security Annual Subscription Includes:

Customized Welcome Video

A customized Welcome Video introducing S.O.S. as your company's gift

Incorporate your brand and logo

Your brand and logo incorporated into the opening thumbnail of every episode

Video library

A library of 12 (monthly) or 26 (bi-monthly) professional videos per year

Cutting-edge content

Cutting-edge content from America's leading identity theft expert

Quickly embed videos

The ability to quickly embed videos within existing client communications

Easy to implement

No special equipment or technical knowledge required

John Sileo Speaks from Experience

John Sileo learned to protect his personal information the hard way—by losing his identity, small business and more than $300,000 to identity theft. John's experiences and a mission to help others fight a similar fate landed him on shows like 60 Minutes, and ultimately led him to advise clients from the Pentagon to Visa, Homeland Security to Charles Schwab. John travels the world speaking and writing on how to defend the data that defines us.

Sileo On Security is designed to help maximize your relevancy by sharing John's greatest insights and lessons with your clientele in an entertaining, memorable way.

Nationally Recognized Expert

Safe Clients Are Loyal Clients

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