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Product Review: Deluxe High Security Checks offer banking security

Check Fraud Prevention

Proper check fraud prevention is of the utmost importance, especially at a time when instances of data crime are on  the rise. A line of checks from Deluxe aims to utilize technology to increase your financial security.

A big part of financial fraud comes from faulty or insecure checks, and companies need to take whatever measures they can to ensure their employees’ payments are kept safe. Deluxe is now offering a brand of High Security Checks with more than 20 features to keep information private by reducing the chance that they can be copied successfully.

Each individual check in this series comes equipped with several simple but high-tech elements. While some of these features can be found in standard checks, several are exclusive to the High Security brand. The check’s face alone contains both a foil hologram that is incapable of being reproduced and a thermally sensitive image designed to detect heat, not to mention a layered background image, which is more difficult to fake than a solid color. There is also a highly secure watermark that’s resistant to such efforts. Even the paper itself contains chemicals on the back that will respond to any tampering attempts.

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Check washing & check fraud can dirty your spring cleaning

Check washing is so simple, you must learn to prevent check fraud

Are check fraud and check washing still relevant in the age of digital payments? If you’re like the average person, chances are you don’t write too many checks anymore. With the convenience of online payment options, nearly universal acceptance of credit and debit cards, and the proliferation of ATMs offering you easy access to money at every turn, why resort to the archaic, labor-intensive method of writing a check?

The simple answer—sometimes we have no other choice!  Some places still don’t accept credit cards (Costco if you don’t have an American Express), or they charge an extra fee for them.  Some retailers don’t offer online payment options.  And frankly, sometimes it’s just an old habit and we haven’t made the effort to find a safer option because we’re stuck in the mindset of “it’s never happened to me” when thinking about check fraud.

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Stop Check Fraud with Security Checks

How to Stop Check Fraud and Check Washing

stop check fraudCheck washing, a highly common form of check fraud, is the practice of removing legitimate check information, especially the “Pay To” name and the amount, and replacing it with data beneficial to the criminal (his own name or a larger amount) through chemical or electronic means.  One of the many ways to protect yourself against check fraud is so important that it deserves its very own article.

A foolproof way to protect your checks from being altered, whether by washing or by electronic means, is to use security checks offered by most companies.

Here are some of the features to look for when you’re purchasing High Security Checks.  These features will safeguard you not only against check washing, but other high tech forms of check fraud as well:

  • Safety security paper (visible and invisible fluorescent fibers, chemical-sensitive)

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