ID Theft Prevention and Recovery System

Four time-saving resources in one: Our easy-to-follow ID Theft Recovery Guide, John's award-winning book, Privacy Means Profit, a 60 Minute DVD of John talking about ID theft to an audience and the Smartphone Survival Guide eBook.

In A Split-Second, Everything You’ve Worked For Can Be Lost. Protect Yourself And Your Family From Identity Theft.

My LIFE was stolen from my car – wallet, laptop, cell phone… Two years later and John’s advice still keeps the bad guys out of my identity. If you’re a victim, GET THIS SYSTEM!

— Steve H. from Atlanta, GA

It’s a terrifying prospect, but it happens to people like you and me— every single day. And unfortunately, thieves have most of the information they need to ruin your life. It’s not your fault— many of the systems that we rely on for financial and personal security have holes in them that are pretty easy to exploit.

But you don’t have to live in fear of identity thieves.

John Sileo, President and CEO

A Little About Me and My Company,
The Sileo Group

I’m John Sileo, and I had to learn the hard way about the cost of identity theft— by going through it myself. (Interested in my story? Check out this short video.) I founded my company, The Sileo Group, to use what I learned to help others prevent or recover from identity theft. Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of consulting with and speaking before groups including the Pentagon, the Federal Trade Commission, FDIC, Experian, Visa, Blue Cross, the Wall Street Journal, 60 Minutes, and more.

What Is the ID Theft Recovery and Prevention System?

It’s an online program of videos, guides and downloadable resources that will walk you through the entire process of preventing and recovering from identity theft. The virtual format means you can get started immediately, and the Guide is updated to keep up with constantly changing identity theft laws and procedures.

You can see the details of exactly what’s included in the Identity Theft Recovery Guide below. But more important is what you’ll get out of it:

(1) A Clear, Step-by-Step Action Plan You Can Use NOW

The Identity Theft Recovery Guide lays out the critical order of steps that will save you months of time, while protecting your most important assets first. Using an Action Steps Guide and short videos, it will tell you exactly and everything to do—and how to do it. Checklists are provided to help you track your progress. You’ll feel confident knowing you have direction and a clear plan of action!

(2) All the Resources You Need, All in One Place

The Identity Theft Recovery Guide includes all the phone numbers you need to call, direct links to the sites you need… even fill-in templates for the forms, letters, and affidavits you need to send. No more hours spent searching online, only to find outdated information. No more struggling through the red tape on government websites trying to find the right documents.

(3) Plus– Discover How To Prevent ID Theft From Ever Happening Again

Recovering from ID theft is useless if you haven’t instituted the necessary safeguards to prevent future attacks. That’s why we’ve included John Sileo’s highly-requested prevention guide, Privacy Means Profit in this Recovery System. Learn the secrets to protecting your social media, online bank accounts, laptop, and all your digital assets.

Identity Theft Recovery Guide
What’s Included In the Identity Theft Recovery and Prevention System:

  • Instant download of the 50+ page Action Steps guide, accessible on all your devices (or print it, if you prefer).
  • Short, explanatory videos to walk you through the process as if you were working with me in person (without the cost!).
  • Access to the System Dashboard, a continuously updated resource page on the latest security threats, recovery techniques and concrete solutions. Check out the graphic to the right for a preview of the Dashboard.
  • Lists of current phone numbers and clickable links that help you act immediately to control damage without wasting more time.
  • Prioritized recovery checklist to help chart the steps that help you protect the highest-value items first.
  • Fill-in templates for the forms, affidavits, and letters you’ll need to send to report, dispute and prove your claims.
  • A Recovery Log to record the steps you’ve taken in case you need admissible proof of your innocence in court (and you probably will).
  • John’s Privacy Means Profit, a comprehensive ID Theft prevention guide. We’ll send out a physical copy to you, so you can start bullet-proofing your accounts as soon as you’ve recovered your stolen identity.
  • John’s new 60-minute DVD, “Data Spies, Hackers & Internet Attackers.” Recorded live at one of John’s recent identity theft speeches, this video reveals how John tells how his identity was used to commit $300,000 of crimes in his name. From there, John takes viewers through an identity theft seminar on preventing America’s Fastest Growing Crime.
  • John’s Smartphone Survival Guide: 10 Critical Security Tips in 10 Minutes eBook. This guide gives you extensive background knowledge on many of the safety and privacy issues that plague Smartphones, including iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Windows Phone.

Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee. You’ve been victimized enough. If you’re not completely satisfied with the Identity Theft Recovery Guide, you’ve got 30 days to ask for your money back, no questions asked.

I understand that, when your identity has been stolen, the last thing you have time for is reading a book. Make no mistake– this guide and the resources that come with it are ACTION-PACKED, designed to get you moving quickly and easily.

Here’s What Our Customers Say about the Total Recovery and Prevention System:

I refused to waste more time figuring out the details when Sileo’s system did it all for me.

— Dr. John B. from Centennial, CO

Want to sleep again? Tired of being scared? Buy this system.

— Jan M. from Greenwich, CT

John made it so simple – it must have saved me a year’s worth of time. This crime doesn’t have to ruin your life.

— Eric P. from San Carlos, CA

Are YOU ready to take your life back? Get a plan of action—and peace of mind—with Identity Theft Recovery Guide. Click below to start recovering from identity theft in less than 3 minutes!