Ethical Corporate Espionage: Using Digital Intelligence to Your Competitive Advantage

Understand the proactive tools you could be implementing to leverage competitive intelligence.

Speaking Presentation by John Sileo

If you’re good at what you do, your competitors are tracking you.  They understand your hiring strategies and org chart using social-business tools like LinkedIn.  Your competitors track online reputation (yours and theirs) using automated social media feeds, logging your customers, their complaints and how to best win them away.  They’re also purchasing social graph data from Facebook to intimately understand and attract your most profitable prospects.

In essence, your competitors are leveraging the tools utilized by sophisticated data spies, but in legal, publicly available ways.  How robust is your digital intelligence strategy?  How well are you keeping up with your competitors’ latest moves so that you don’t get left behind?

Googling the competition for competitive intelligence is like turning to MySpace for lead generation – outdated.  In this presentation, John Sileo shares strategic best practices and tactical, ethical tools for monitoring your competitor’s changing position in the marketplace—giving you the competitive intelligence you need for a competitive advantage.

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