Get Offensive with Your Online Reputation: Take Charge of Your Digital Identity

Listen to John discuss the power of social media, search engine optimization and digital relationships to defend your brand.

Speaking Presentation by John Sileo

What would remain of your business if someone maliciously targeted your online reputation? Digital reputation, the online perception of what others believe you to be, is as integral to your bottom line as your bank account. It’s not just your brand, which is primarily self-created, but also a long-term quality score of your character as judged by others.  Thanks to social media, search engine indexing and ubiquitous mobile access, your online reputation is, quite literally, everywhere.

A recent survey conducted by Harris Interactive for Intelius stated that 74% of respondents said they would refuse to do business with someone who had negative comments about them online. How does your organization monitor, defend and proactively shape its online reputation? Have you taken the pre-emptive steps to build a rock solid reputation before you need it?

Most companies cobble together a tactical plan for online identity (e.g., use social media, rate ourselves online, Google our name), but few leverage that plan strategically to build lasting reputation capital and long-term profitability. In TechKwonDo, John will walk you through the steps to develop both a defensive and offensive strategy that makes the most of your digital reputation and online identity.

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